Andreas Solhøj Hansen
+45 28766400

I'm a danish graphic designer living in Basel, Switzerland. Playfulness is a big part of my design, so hit me up if you need anything playful. Full portfolio on request.

Eastern European Phillumeny

The purpose of these rather mundane matchbox label graphics was mostly public information in the Soviet Union. By making an selection and showing it in art catalogue we claim that their status is more than just everyday graphics. They should be seen as valuable art. The art catalogue consists of two books, a smaller one being placed in a hole burned out of the book block of the bigger one. While the smaller book contains the illustrations as well as additional information about each illustration, the big book functions as a "white cube container". The publication was designed together with David Gobber and Fabio Mario Rizzotti.

Sixth Extinction Boardgame

In Sixth Extinction 26 players take the role of a near extinct animal species trying to survive while their habitat is repidly vanishing. The game annd visuals are currently still in development, but I thought I'd share them anyway.

Oslo Night 2018

Visual identity, posters and programme leaflet for Oslo Night 2018 festival. The design was made in collaboration with Hyunjun Jang.

Seeking Asylum Boardgame

Seeking Asylum is a boardgame, where two players compete against one another, one taking the role of a refugee and the other playing as European border control. The game elements on the 32 different playing fields are generated with Basil.js using selected data from the UN Refugee Agency. The design was made together with Alice Fada and Alessandra Puricelli.

Student Loan Application

This interactive study loan application makes it easier to understand when and how much you need to pay back, when taking up the danish study loan. The project is not realized.

Various logos

Logo designs for clients and private projects.

Various Illustrations

Private and commissioned illustrations using different techniques.

Photos For Typozimmer

Typozimmer commissioned us to take some photos for their upcoming magazine issue. The design was made in collaboration with Hyunjun Jang.

Lowlands Throwdown

Logo animation for Lowlands Throwdown, a crossfit event in The Netherlands. The animation was shown in promotional videos for the event and at the event itself.